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Veterinarians and Staff

Amanda Bruce, DVM

Dr. Bruce travels the world providing spay and neuter services to those animals who need it the most. In 2009, she opened the first brick and mortar spay and neuter clinic in Minnesota. Amanda has trained with Humane Alliance, Emancipet and Sophia Yin’s Low-Stress Handling. She is passionate about delivering high-quality veterinary care, particularly spay and neuter, to underserved communities.

Elsa Kohlbus, Lead Veterinary Technician

As the Lead PetPals technician, Elsa works alongside the veterinarian during the surgical process. She assists with induction of anesthesia, surgical preparation, and anesthetic monitoring. She works to ensure that each procedure is safe and that each patient receives the highest level of care and compassion while they are at PetPals. 


Elsa is also the program director of Animal Balance, a global non-governmental organization dedicated to creating positive social change on islands around the world. Animal Balance believes that high volume, community based sterilization campaigns combined with rabies vaccination is the only humane, logical and sustainable strategy to combat the over population of cats and dogs and prevent the spread of rabies. 

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